Marit Lindberg

Lecture series Krognoshuset Aura and Lunds konsthall curated together with Henrik Lund Jørgensen  2001-2023  


Artistic practice where animals are represented, used or made visible

Lindahl, EvaMarie Artist, researcher. Research-based art projects at the intersection of critical animal studies, visual arts and activism.

Björck, Amelie, writer and lecturer in literary studies and drama at Södertörn University: Non-human beings and animals in art and culture.

Lisa Strömbäck, artist: Tenderness and hierarchies between humans and animals.

Artists´ approaches to new technology

Olsson, Peo, Photographer and Williamsson, Jonas, graphic designer: Presentation of the new book Le Travail /Björn Lövin.

Lee-Morrison, Lila, Post doctoral researcher in Art history, Artistic Techniques of Technology: Art as a Source of Theoretical Inquiry.

Lih, Youngjae (SE/South Korea) Engineer and artist: Art through the lenses of technology.

At the same time, in the same room - conversations about performativity in Contemporary Art

Lundgren, Elin and Pettersson, Petter, Lilith Performance Studio: The relationship of performative art to other contemporary art.

Suneson, Ellen, art historian and visual studies scholar: Portraying Unease: the Art and Politics of Uncomfortable Attachments.

Ihrman, Ingela, artist, Sweden: What it is like to be a human being and an artist in relation to nature.

Jaiyoung Cho, artist (South Korea) and Daeun Jeong, curator: On how or if the nearby environment affects culture.